Wednesday – 10.7.15 – Bench + Couplet

Schedule Update:  This Saturday is the Garden State Open at CF 908 and we will be closing for the day.  I will post an at home WOD but all are encouraged to come support your FDC coaches competing in the GSO.         Strength: Bench Press 3-3-3-3 Skill: OHS WOD: 15-12-9-6-9-12-15 OHS (75/45)

Tuesday – 10.6.15 – Deads + Ascending Ladder

Diana looking STRONG during a 1rm bear complex!!     Strength: Deadlift 3-3-2-2-1-1 WOD: 8 Minute Ascending Ladder x 1 starting at 5 Deadlift (185/125) Toe 2 Bar **15 Double Under after each couplet

Monday – 10.5.15 – Bear Complex

If you aren’t taking advantage of barbell club on Saturdays you need to!   Strength: 1rm Bear Complex WOD: 3 Rounds For Time 400m Run 21 Thrusters (95/65) 12 Ring Dip

Saturday – 10.3.15 – On The Minute

THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone in here who on a daily basis shows up and gives it their all in the box. No excuses just hard work and that really is the best way to show your support! Lately the crew we have has reminded me of why I started CF and its a

Friday – 10.2.15 – Got Legs?

Huge congrats to the Fazio crew on the birth of their babies, Connor and Alexis.  All the best from your FDC family!     Strength 5 x 3 Back Squat 1st rep is a 3×20 tempo 2nd and 3rd rep at normal tempo TRY TO GO HEAVIER THAN LAST WEEKS 5×4 WOD 4 Rounds For

Thursday – 10.1.15 – Power Up

Throwback from 2011…Guess who?!   Strength EMOM x 10 1 Power Clean + 1 Power Jerk + 1 Split Jerk (as heavy as possible – hold the catch of split jerk x 2 seconds) WOD 15-12-9-6-3 HSPU Hang Power Clean (Crx 185/125 – Rx 135/95 – L1 95/65) **1 Rope Climb after each couplet  

Wednesday – 9.30.15 – Bulgarian Squats + Rounds For Reps

OG’s reunited     Strength: 5×5 Bulgarian Squat WOD: 5 Rounds For Reps: 45 seconds work/15 seconds rest Air Squat Hollow Rock Sled Push (135/90) x 20meters each 45 seconds Double Under

Tuesday – 9.29.15 – KB Snatch + Partner WOD

  Skill: KB Snatch   WOD: Teams of 2: AMRAP 25 5 Deadlift (Crx 225/155 – Rx 185/125 – L1 135/95) 5 (R) Arm KB Snatch (53/35) 5 (L) Arm KB Snatch 5 Lateral Bar Burpee Pacer = 600m Run  

Monday – 9.28.15 – Re-Test

      Strength: 1rm Squat Clean Thruster WOD: “Jackie” For Time: 1k Row 50 Thrusters (45) 30 Pull Up

Saturday – 9.26.15 – Team WOD

Fit Wars II registration is now live!  Like last year, we are capping this at 150 athletes so sign up fast.  We also have limited spots for vendor village so please send me an email ( if you are interested in having a booth.  Use the link below to register for the event. FIT WARS