Happy Birthday Austin!!!

I’ll post this picture every year because it defines Austin without saying anything.  5 years and counting this guy has been my right hand man.  The fight and passion you see in this picture is the same fight and passion he brings to all of you every class, every day.  Lets come together and give

Tuesday Triplet

Things are looking pretty legit these days! WOD: 4 RFT 400m Run 30 Burpee to Target (6″ over outstretched hands) 30 Toe 2 Bar

Monday – 8.21.17 – FGB

Thank you to everyone who came out for Angela! “Fight Gone Bad” Three rounds of: Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps) Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps) Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps) Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps) Row (Calories) In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does

Friday – 8.18.17 – Deads

Partner wod success!! Strength:  1rm Deadlift WOD: 65% of 1rm… 4 rds 7 deads 21 HSPU 42 Air Squat

Thursday – 8.17.17 – Row it

Team WOD

Wednesday – 8.16.17 – “The Furnace 3.7”

A truly fantastic job by coach Erin during our first kids class! WOD: 100 DU 37 hang clean (135/95) 37 front squat 37 Box Jump (30/24) 37 kb swing (70/53) 37 S2O 37 back squat 100 DU **3 power snatch + 7 BFB after each set of 37**

Tuesday- 8.15.17 – Bench + Couplet

Mother daughter training session! Strength: Bench Press 5rm WOD: 4 Rounds (w/ vest) 400m Run 30 Push Up

Monday – 8.14.17 – “The Pistol”

The athletes from partnerpalooza! Strength: EMOM x 7 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Clean (75%-80% of 1rm) WOD: 3 Rounds of 9-6-3 Power Clean (135/95) 2x alternating pistol squats 1 min rest after each round

Saturday – 8.12.13 – Good Luck Competitors

Good luck to all the athletes participating in the partnerpalooza at CF Shrewsbury today.  Come on down and support the team! Classes are 8am and 9:3a today #powercouple WOD: Teams of 2 AMRAP 30 100 HRPU Partner single arm KB farmers hold (53/35) (alternate hands as needed) 100 Single Leg KB Deadlift (alternating 5r/5l) Partner

Friday – 8.11.17 – Snatch Balance + Triplet

Getting ready for another comp at CF Shrewsbury this weekend!  Come down and support!! Strength: 10×1 Snatch Balance (3 second pause in bottom) WOD: 7 Rounds for reps: 2 min clock 10/15 pull up (Rx-Crx) 30 Double Under Max OHS (95/65) 1 min rest