Friday – 11.25.11

MCF hopes that you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your much needed rest day!



Hoodies are in!


 Pre – 8am Thanksgiving


Mental Toughness:

Round 4 of your 5 round WOD, your arms and legs are jello, heart is pounding and total body fatigue has set in.  Every CrossFitter from beginer to elite competitor will and SHOULD reach this critical threshold every time they WOD.  This marks the turning point where we will either succumb to the voice telling us to stop or push through and surpass our expectations.  The difference between these two polar opposite paths comes down to one intangible factor: mental toughness.


That being said….Here are a few pointers to help impove efficiency and outcomes during a workout…


Take note of your first round time:  Example, if you are completing 4RFT you would note your first rounds time and multiply by 4.  Use this time as a goal, naturally you will drop off a bit but this will allow you to gauge how hard to push it later in the workout.

Break larger rep schemes into smaller sets:  For instance if a workout includes multiple rounds of 21 thrusters think about how you want to approach each set.  21 straight?  or 15-6, 11-10, 10-6-5.  Breaking sets into sets will take some experience but remember not to sacrifice quality of movement for speed through reps.  We would rather see you take longer in a WOD and have more efficient/safe standards of movement.

Document results:  Probably the most important!  Include detailed comments regarding each workout (ie.  weight used, strong points, weak points and areas to improve when repeated).  This will allow you to measure your progress most accurately when revisiting WOD’S. 


We hope this helps and will see you all on Saturday!



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