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Wednesday – 5.1.13 – Push Press and a Couple Couplets

Power = Intensity = Results Power: Work done or energy transferred per unit of time; The time rate of doing work. Power = Force x distance time Intensity: Magnitude, as of energy or a force per unit of area, volume, time, etc. Power = Intensity Why is power so important? Because power = intensity, and intensity = results. Intensity

Tuesday – 4.30.13 – AMRAP

” With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” -Eleanor Roosevelt   Congrats to Bryant S. who competed in the Battle for the Belt at CF 732 this weekend.  A few impressive numbers that he put up: Deadlifted 300#’s x 50 (thats right 50 reps) Bear Complex 205#’s PR (after a ladder that

Important Schedule Update:

The 7pm class tonight and Wednesday will be cancelled.  We will be having On Ramp only during this time.  Please come to either the 4/5/6 or 8pm class on these days.  Thank you!

Monday- 4.29.13.- Back squats & RFT

Strength  EMOTM x 10 min Back Squat, 2 reps @ 85% of 1RM WOD 3RFT 10 SDHP 115/75 7 muscle up

Sunday WOD

Sunday WOD 10-1130 am.

Saturday – 4.27.13 – MYSTERY WOD….

9am On Ramp 10am WOD Class           Come out and see what the WOD is!

Friday – 4.26.13 – The Female Paleo Challenge Winner Is…..

Shannon Fary!!!   Congratulations on your SERIOUS dedication and continued hard work.  Shannon lost a total 20lbs, nearly 4% body fat and also had the most points of anyone during the challenge!  While she decreased both her time and scaled movements with all the benchmark WODS her most amazing accomplishment was completing her first unassisted

Thursday – 4.25.13 – Handstand/Ring Dip/Snatch AMRAP

6am Class is on today!      Everyone loves Mike!     SKILL Handstand Hold/Walk W.O.D 12 Min. AMRAP 6 HSPU 8 Ring Dip 12 DB Snatch (6r/6l) – (45/25)      

Wednesday – 4.24.13 – The Male Winner Of The Paleo Challenge Is….

ROB CASH!   Congratulations on all of your hard work and determination Rob.  In just over 1 month Rob lost a total of 17 pounds and his body fat % went from 38.2% to 22.8%!!!!  Most impressive was his increased work capacity:  Here is what his before/after benchmarks look like:  Helen: 15:54rx – 13:02rx Power

Tuesday – 4.23.13 – 6am and 10am classes are on!

You asked and we added!  Hope to see a bunch of you today for the new classes…   Angela, Ali and Courney       W.O.D ‘An Old CF908 special’ 50-40-30-20-10 Box Jump (24/20) Double Under OHWL (45/25)