Monthly Archives: August 2013

Sunday – OG 9-11am

Saturday-8.31.13-WOD is at 9am!

Schedule Update: Saturday WOD is at 9am and we are CLOSED on Labor day.  Have a safe holiday weekend! Daily Read:  Lumbar Spine Rehab – Juggernaut Training ADEL:  As most of you know, this was Adels last week at the box.  Most of you also know how inspiring his presence was throughout his time here.

Action Packed Friday – 8.30.13 – 2 Min. Drill

Daily Read: Recovery for the crossfit athlete – Juggernaut training      Nicole and Kate rockin some overhead walks….look at those active shoulders stacked perfectly….take note fellas!   Strength: EMOM x 10 min. 1 Split Jerk W.O.D Complete the following for max reps: 2 Minutes Max HSPU (Beat your score from last week!) rest 30

8.29.13 – Tabata Thursday

 Guess that back?!!         W.O.D 2 rounds for reps: Tabata WB (20/14) Tabata Cal Row Rest 2 min

Wednesday – 8.28.13 – OHS

Daily Read:  Don’t Quit – Washington Post    Who is this guy?     Strength: OHS 1-1-1-1-1 W.O.D 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Front Squat (155/105) 25 Double Unders between each round

Tuesday – 8.27.13 – Row/Burp/Push

Daily Read:  YOU ARE POOPING WRONG! – Respect the BOX and clean up after yourselves:  Listen Y’ALL (yes Im in North Carolina) – A few things need to change around the box: 1:  If you enter the gym with a bottle of water please either leave with it or kindly place it in the trash

Monday – 8.26.13 – Back Squats!

Schedule Update:  ALL 4pm classes are cancelled this week.  Normal schedule to resume after Labor Day. Daily Read:  Bob Harper talks CrossFit –      Saturday – Team WOD Finisher- Partner overhead barbell carry! Strength: E2MOM x 20 min: 3 Back Squat at 80-85% of 1rm W.O.D  6 Min. AMRAP 8 Pull Up 8

Sunday – Open Gym 9-11am…

Saturday – 8.24.13 – “3.2.1..GO”

Daily Ready:  Culture – Juggernaut Training    Dave signing his 1 day contract after a stellar performance at the CF Combine   Team W.O.D 30 Min AMRAP “3.2.1..GO” In Teams of 3 complete the following: 300 Wall Ball Overs (20/14) – 2 workers 1 pacer (500m row) 200 Burpee – 1 worker 2 pacers (400m

Friday – 8.23.13 – “Helizabeth”

Daily Read: Five things  you may not know about fat loss – Eat to perform     Probably the best pic ever seen     W.O.D “Helizabeth” 3 Rounds For Time: 400m Run 21 Ring Dip 12 Hang Power Clean (135/95) Finisher: Max Distance Farmers Carry – Athletes are allowed 1 re-grip/rest