Monthly Archives: April 2014

Thursday – 5.1.14 – Sprints – Box Jumps and Hollow Rocks

Daily Read: The Mental Problem YOU may have:  Catalyst Training      Coach “Poncho” Reppin MCF at CF ECC Autism Fundraiser!         W.O.D 1 minute work / 1 minute rest x 20 minutes 2 Shuttle Run (30ft. – out and back = 1) With the time remaining in the minute: Max Box Jump

Wednesday – 4.30.14 – Its gonna be a FRANtastic day!

Daily Read:  Mobility for people who hate doing mobility – Catalyst Athletics   KETTLEBELL KITCHEN TONIGHT! – Andy from KB Kitchen will be at the box from about 5pm on to cook up some delicious paleo meals and answer any questions that you guys may have.  Please stick around after your WOD and get in

Tuesday – 4.29.14 – “Tabata Tuesday”

Daily Read:  How to brace and breathe – Breaking Muscle     Brad E. – Muscle Up      W.O.D Tabata (20 seconds work – 10 seconds rest x 8 rounds at each station) Burpees to Plate Calorie Row KB Swing (53/35) Double Under          

Monday – 4.28.14 – Congrats – Cleans – For Time

A HUGE Congrats go out to a few of our very own MCFer’s! First:  For those of you who may have noticed (especially the 6am board members) – there has been a guy throwing around some heavy stuff in the corner of the gym and farmer carrying anything he could get his hands on –

Open Gym and CONGRATS Hank!

Open Gym will be held from 11:30-1. Congratulations to Hank Incognito for his 1st place finish in the Novice Stongman Division today.  GREAT JOB!  

Saturday – 4.26.14 – Team WOD

Daily Read: The Modified Crossfitter – Wild Rocket     Tator Tot and his people!     W.O.D In teams of 4: AMRAP 30 40 Wall Ball (20/14) 40 Box Jump (24/20) 40 Calorie Row (alternate @ 20 calories) **Pacer = 300m Sled push (90/45)    

Friday – 4.25.14 – Cleans and Couplet

Daily Read:  The low calorie diet – Breaking Muscle     Death by 10m sprints     W.O.D 10-8-6-4-2 Power Clean (155/105) **10 Pull Up/15 Push Up before and after each round**

Thursday – 4.24.14 – AMRAP

Daily Read:  Sugar is the DEVIL – SFH      6am on their date with Jackie     W.O.D AMRAP 20 10 Alternating Pistol Squats 12 Push Press (95/65) 200m Sandbag Run (50/30)            

Wednesday – 4.23.14 – Annie

Daily Read: 7 Tips to prevent peeing during a wod – RX Review        Caught by Donna!   W.O.D “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Ab Mat Sit Up Double Under

Tuesday – 4.22.14 – Front Squat + Ascending Ladder

Daily Read:  CrossFit and Risk –     Maria and Lauren crushing box jumps!     Strength: Front Squat: 1×10 (> 70% of 1rm) 1 x 5 (> 80% of 1rm) W.O.D 7 Min. Ascending Ladder x 2 (2-2/4-4/6-6….) Deadlift (225/155) Lateral Bar Burpee