Monthly Archives: September 2014

Wednesday – 10.1.14 – Weighted Pull Up + AMRAP

Daily Read: Are you really doing what it takes?    Joe looking a bit small Strength 5 x 3 Strict Weighted Pull Up   W.O.D AMRAP 8 60 Hollow Rock 50 Double Under 40 Pull Up 30 Ring Dip 20 HSPU  

Tuesday – 9.30.14 – Redline and Recover

Daily Read: “I Can’t”      late night mobility – If you haven’t been to an 8pm class come experience the energy!   W.O.D 4 rounds on a 6 min clock 500m Row 300m Run Max KB Swing (53/35) 2 min rest **score is total # of KBS**    

Monday – 9.29.14 – Front Squats and AMRAP

Daily Read:  Its all in the hips – breaking muscle     Yea thats right, Michelle E. crushing the 1 minute max KB swings at the CF Hoboken booth.  She was in first overall when she left – in swings and style!   Strength: 2rm Front Squat W.O.D AMRAP 10 3 Squat Clean (Crx 205/135,

Saturday – 9.27.14 – Team WOD

Schedule Update:  8am WOD class – 9am Barbell Club – 10am WOD class   Guess who Keith sat next to on his flight to Vegas?!   W.O.D Teams of 3 For Time: 50 Hang Power Cleans (135/95) – Can not drop bar once start 2k Row 100 Back Squat (135/95) – From the floor –

8:30am Class Cancelled…


Friday – 9.26.14 – 2:00 Warning!

Daily Read:  Whats preventing you from doing pistols? – Breaking Muscle     Lisa N. setting up!       6 Rounds of: 2:00 clock to complete the following: 10 Slam Ball 5 Deadlift  Max Muscle Up  2:00 Rest    

Thursday – 9.25.14 – TGU + 3 Round AMRAP

Daily Read:  What an outlook on sports and life! – Unknown HS Athlete     Are you signed up yet?!!       Skill: Turkish Get Up W.O.D AMRAP 8 40m Shuttle Run 10 OHWL (45/25) 40m Shuttle Run 5 Burpee to Plate Rest 4 min. AMRAP 6 60m Shuttle Run 10 OHWL 60m Shuttle Run

Wednesday – 9.24.14 – Split Jerk Drills – AMRAP

Daily Read: Stretching longer is good..right? – breaking muscle     Erica setting up nicely before her 200lb PR power clean!     Skill: Split Jerk Drills W.O.D “Mainsite WOD” AMRAP 10 2 Clean and Jerk (C-Rx 185/125 Rx 155/105 L1 115/75) 1 Rope Climb  

Tuesday – 9.23.14 – Chipper

This is a post dated 2011 from my old box CF 908….. Roman comes in every Thursday and does nothing but work on his OHS and shoulder stability/mobility. When he first started he wasn’t able to descend more than an inch without shifting to his toes and elbows bending. Now he can load a barbel

Monday – 9.22.14 – ‘The Bug’

A few of our MCF family members were busy doing pretty amazing things outside of the box this weekend.  If you see them make sure you give them a well deserved pat on the back! Congrats to Alicia on her 7th degree black belt demo this weekend out in Cali! Alex completed the Ironman in