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Friday – 8.26.16 – Sprint Clean

This Saturday join coach Jill for a bootcamp demo at the Lululemon store in the freehold mall! WOD: 30 min running clock every 5 min complete 400m sprint + 3 squat clean (keep weight same across all sets – go HEAVY)

Thursday – 8.25.16 – Annie + Sleds

Show up at 7;45 on a Sunday and I know where your heart is.  Love this crew!   Part A: “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double Under Ab Mat Sit Up Part B: Teams of 3 3 Rounds AMRAP 2 Max 20m Sled Push (90/45) Rest 2 min

Wednesday – 8.24.16 – Chipper

Alicia cruising through “King Pelican”  – sick job on those pull ups too!! WOD: For Time 1k Row 50 Box Jump Over (24/20) 25 Back Squat (from rack) (225/155)

Tuesday – 8.23.16 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!

We are currently in our 5th year of business and for 4+ of those years Austin has been a fixture in the box.  Starting as a member and progressing to a coach he sure takes pride in helping people find the best versions of themselves.  It is impossible to write all the things I feel

Monday – 8.22.16 – Warsen

“Warsen” 4 RFT 27 Wall Ball (20/14) 16 Deadlift (225/155) 8 Burpee Box Jump (24/20) 3 Rooe Climb 400m Run


NO OPEN GYM TOMORROW: If you can’t wake up early for our 7:45am beach WOD at Chapel Beach Club in Sea Bright get out there and apply your fitness outside the gym! Get ready for a RIDICULOUS week of WODs!!

Saturday – 8.20.16

8-10 Open Lift 10-11 In house WOD #1   Impressive 3rd and final CNJ for Roy in his first meet!

In House Team Challenge WOD #1

Team Challenge WOD#1 AMRAP 11 5 Power Clean (RX: 135/95) (SX: 95/55) 7 Burpee 9 Pull Up (SX: Ring Rows) This will be Saturday’s WOD and will be judged like the open!

Friday -8.19.16 – Intervals

the loudest cheers happen here! A: 5×20 Cal row sprint 1:2 work rest B: Every 4  min. X 4 rounds 12-9-6 Ring Row 2x Air Squat **SPRINT – the purpose is to redline and recover** C: 2 X 15 Cal Assault Bike

Thursday – 8.18.16 – Bench + Chipper

SO MANY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Shirt Order: We are placing another shirt order on Friday, please add your name and shirt preference to the list attached HERE OR let a coach know this week. Thanks! Chapel Beach WOD (Sea Bright): We will be hosting a beach WOD Sunday, August 21st at 7:45am at Chapel Beach Club in