CrossFit 101


AMRAP= As Many Rounds As Possible

DB = Dumbell

Box= Crossfit gym

K2E = Knee to Elbow

HSPU= Handstand Pushups

T2B = Toe to Bar

OHS= Overhead Squat

DU = Double Under

PR= Personal record

GHD = Glute Ham Developer

RX= Prescribed WOD that is done as intended

GHR = Glute Ham Raises

SDHP= Sumo Deadlift High Pull

WB = Wallball

WOD= Workout Of the Day

BS = Back Squat

BJ= Box Jump

FS = Front Squat

C2B= Chest to Bar

OHS = Overhead Squat

ROM= Range of Motion

PP = Push Press

MU= Muscle Up

PJ = Push Jerk/ SJ = Split Jerk

OTM= On The Minute

DL = Deadlift

EMOM= Every Minute on The Minute

PC = Power Clean

1RM= 1 Rep Max

SC = Squat Clean

3RM= 3 Rep Max

SS = Squat Snatch

#= lb or pound

PS = Power Snatch

Kg= Kilogram

KB = Kettlebell


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  1. Brian Mick says:

    Hey guys,

    I am interested in trying a class. I am coming from the Crossfit in Manasquan. Where are you located on Business 33? Thanks

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