Friday – 5.31.13 – Back Squats

On Ramp – The next on ramp class starts this Saturday, June 1st at 9am.  Please email Rick ( or Sal ( with any questions.  Thanks and hope to see you Saturday.

Stomp The Monster 5k – The race is this Sunday, June 2nd.  If you haven’t already signed up please go to this link Stomp the Monster and choose team Marlboro CrossFit.  Hope to see you all there!



 Mike P. lookin good!


1×10 back squat (75%-80% of 1rm)


30 Farmer Carry Lunges (53/35)

30 Ring Row

Run 400m

20 Farmer Carry Lunges

20 Ring Row

Run 400m

10 Farmer Carry Lunges

10 Ring Row

Run 400m




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