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Toys for Tots is set up in the gym.  Thank you to all who have already donated!  We will be collecting for the next 2 weeks and are arranging for the Marines to come collect the toys.  Please keep the donations coming!

Grand Opening Party!!  Saturday December 10th @ 7pm.. hope to see all of you there!!

Important Reminder- We have had, and will continue to have, some challenging WODs.  We can’t stress enough the importance of the proper ‘cool down’ and post-WOD stretching for everyone.  Although it may be a natural reaction to sprawl out on the floor after a grueling workout, remember that you need to keep the blood flow moving and cool down safely.  In order to do so, ‘walk it off’ and slow down your heart rate.  Once you have cooled down and recovered, please at least go through our standard stretches.  It is important to take advantage of your muscles when they are warm/hot to get the full benefits from the stretch.  And you will be thankful the next day (or 2 days later in some cases) when you aren’t feeling the tightness in your muscles because you cooled down and stretched properly.

Laura showing her rope climbing skills!

6:30am max effort box jumps.  Nice little wake up call!


Power Snatch


18 minute AMRAP

5 power snatch (95/65)

7 T2B

9 clapping push ups


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  1. Walnuts says:

    11rounds + 1snatch

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