Monday – 8.6.12 – Rule #6…Control your weight and your space

On Ramp:  See you all tonight at 7pm!  We will also be starting a new On Ramp class Sept. 1.  If you or anyone you know is interested please let us know.

Amazon Local:  The next Amazon Local start date is this Saturday (Aug 11).  If you haven’t already secured your spot please email Sal at or Rick at  Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday!

Rule #6 – Control your weight and your space:

There is nothing wrong with dropping a bar on a failed lift or when you feel you can no longer safely perform a motion. However, it should not become the standard method of resetting reps. Do not drop an empty barbell or a wood plated barbell. They are expensive, and are not meant to be dropped. Control the weight you are using to the best of your ability, if you find this too hard a task, simply lower the load.  Pay attention to the way the coaches explain the set up for that particular WOD and stay in your designated area throughout (no cross gym wondering from your first thruster to your last).  There is a reason they want it set up that way….YOUR SAFETY.




Bryant representing MCF at the box where Rick began his CrossFit journey…Pretty cool stuff.


Double Under Practice (the jump)


5×5 weighted pullup


3 Rounds For Time


50 Air Squat



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