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Thursday – 10/6/2011

Great job everyone who did the WOD today!  The next workout will be this Saturday – 10/8/2011 – at 10AM…see you there!!   At Home Wod: Max Effor 1 mile Run rest exactly 3  min Max Effort 1 mile Run Immediatley after second mile perform 1 burpee for every second difference between runs

Sunday….Rest Day

Nice job everyone, great first day!  See you next Saturday AND this Wednesday at 5 or 6pm, post to comments if you can make it!

“There is nothing that man fears more than the touch of the unknown.”

W.O.D. ????????? See you at the park ! Post comments below !

More equipment arriving daily!!! Who’s gonna use it this Saturday? WOD in the park starts at 10am (2 Timber Lane, Marlboro NJ 07746)

  “Pardon The Interruption”  3RFT of: 10 Hang Power Cleans (135/85) 15 HSPU Rest Exactly 3 Min…Then… 2 RFT of: 15 Burpees 50 Double Unders Rest Exactly 2 Min…Then… 1 RFT of: 50 Knees to Elbows Run 400m ***RFT = Rounds For Time***

Kid tested…Mother approved…

Ballin’ 4 RFT: 20 Wall Balls (20#/14#) 200m sprint (with medicine ball) 25 abmat sit ups 100m OHWL (overhead walking lunge, with medicine ball)

Rope climbs anyone???

“Out ‘N’ Up” For Time: Run 800m 4 Rope Climbs Run 600m 3 Rope Climbs Run 400m 2 Rope Climbs Run 200m 1 Rope Climb(Substitute for rope climbs is 10:1 rope pullups)


“Phillis” 3 RFT 21 Thrusters (95/65)17 Burpees1000 Meter Run