Team WOD Saturday – 6.1.13 – New On Ramp Today @ 9am!….

looking forward to getting you all started!


Stomp The Monster:  Online registration is closed now, but that doesn’t mean that its too late.  You can still same day register on Sunday and run with us.  It’s for a great cause so lets get as many people out there to support as we can.



Alex is all smiles during Murhp!


In teams of 4

Event 1: 100 Burpees

1 worker, 3 pacers hold plank and switch when first athlete breaks plank

Event 2:  200 partner wall balls (20/14)  (over pull up rig)

2 workers, 2 pacers hold bottom of squat switch when first athlete breaks squat

Event 3:  100 wall ball sit ups (20/14)

2 workers, 2 pacers hold top of deadlift (225/155)

Event 4:  200m tire flip (only 2 partners working at a time, alternate as needed)



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