I started Crossfit in February of 2013 after finishing college and graduate school, many years of playing softball, and regularly participating in group exercise classes at local gyms (especially Zumba and spin). Not knowing much about Crossfit aside from ESPN’s coverage of the Games I figured I would give it a try through a deal I found online. Throughout my first few weeks attending classes in winter’s darkness (yes we ran outside at night) I quickly realized that this was a community I wanted to become a member of. No excuses I had were acceptable for any of my coaches and my body was pushed to the limit weekly. Yet I always came back for more. I remember needing to modify push ups at least three times during my second week and feeling sick to my stomach during my first Tabata workout. I’ll never forget when Rick kicked over the bucket for me. It also took me three months to get over my fear of jumping on a box and many more months to lift weight on a barbell above my head without worrying about it crushing me. Now I actually enjoy box jumps and can lift a heavy barbell a variety of ways safely overhead.

Furthermore this box and its community of coaches and members have been the most supportive fitness environment I have ever encountered. Never before have I had the privilege of working out with people who were as committed to my own success in addition to their own. The friendships I made have extended outside the box and I am grateful to have met such a diverse group of people who share many of the same interests.

To add, I have always enjoyed participating in the charity workouts and raising awareness for so many causes. I am proud to say that I have participated in the WOD For Autism every year and feel a personal connection to the cause due to my work with children with Autism-spectrum disorders. These experiences help illuminate that this is more than just a gym; it’s a community of athletic individuals committed to giving their all both in and out of the box.

Come give it a try and leave your ego and preconceived notions about Crossfit at the door. Don’t be afraid to scale, modify, or ask for help from fellow members or coaches. Burpees will always suck but I promise you will leave stronger mentally and physically than when you first walked in. And when that day comes it is a PR!










Michelle E. – 8/2015


It’s actually difficult to express in words how much I love everything about this place. The coaches are unbelievable. They genuinely care about your progression, your overall health, and what your fitness goals are. They work with you on a personal basis and encourage you to push yourself far past whatever you originally thought you could do. They are fantastic with people of every fitness level and of every age. As for the members themselves, they are are encouraging, respectful, and kind. Once I joined I found it incredibly difficult to go back to a regular gym. As for the health benefits, from my experience I feel so much better, healthier, and stronger. I feel incredible and would recommend Crossfit, especially Marlboro Crossfit, to anyone.

Alyssa S. – 7.25.12


1 year ago I started Crossfit at MCF. I couldn’t do a single pull up without a band assist, I did 65lb thrusters and hadn’t run a mile since I was 17 years old (yeah, 20 years ago). In weighed 205lbs. In the past year I’ve lost 25lbs and accomplished feats I’d never have considered in the past. I wasn’t active in college, I’m not chasing past achievements. There’s no previous measurement or benchmark for me. I was active in high school an have been to the gym occasionally since. What I could do 1 year ago was my best and thanks to MCF I beat that almost every time I show up.  I did 100 pull ups in under 20 mins recently, and an unpleasant amount of thrusters included. I stayed neck and neck with someone I consider an elite athlete in the 400m run, I back squatted 285 lbs, I’ve done A muscle up (yeah, just one. I got hurt, sue me), I cleaned 205lbs, I dead-lifted, with solid form (ask Rick and Sal how long the form part took to sink in) 405lbs, I ran a 5K in 26 mins… And I’ll do all those things again this year, but I’ll do them more times, faster and heavier and I’ll do them while being yelled at and cheered on and supported by friends. People I’ve known a year, or people I’ve known a month, who inspire me. 

Carl S. – 12.21.12

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