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Marlboro Crossfit Box Rules

We will also be keeping a list of the rules at the box as a reminder =)

1. Leave all egos at the door.  The environment at MCF is designed to motivate ourselves and everyone around us.  We provide a positive experience for all by cheering and encouraging others through the workouts.  A little cheer section goes a long way, whether it be for an advanced athlete or CrossFit beginner.

2. If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself.

3. If you take it out, put it back.. i.e. strip your bars, put the weights in their proper stack, take your bands off the pull-up bars, put medicine balls, kettlebells and abmats back in their places.  Clean up 101.

4. Please be sure to wipe down bars, kettlebells or anything you use during a workout.  We have cleaning wipes and paper towels available.  Keep it clean for your fellow CrossFitters!

5. Do not, drop/slam the 10lb bumbers unless you have to bail out of a lift.  These bumpers are delicate and break easily if we keep throwing them down from the overhead position.  If you have 2 or more 10lb bumpers on each side, they tend to be more sturdy but be conscious when dropping.

6. Do not drop kettlebells from overhead.

7. Set goals for yourself and track progress.  We provided you notebooks to track not only your daily WODs, but goals that you are working towards.  Skinnier pull up band? hand stand push ups?  deadlift PR?  Kipping pull up?  The possibilities are endless.

8. Keep us informed.  If there is something that we can do to better your experience, PLEASE let us know.  Bring things to our attention.  We try to keep on top of it all, but we can be missing things too!

Bear crawls anyone?

Kerri working hard to lock out that kettlebell!


back squat  3×5



kb swing (53/35)

box jump (24/20)




3 Responses to TUESDAY – 11.29.11 – SQUAT, SWING, JUMP

  1. Lisa says:

    back squat 115-135-165
    WOD – 9:26 rx

  2. Walnuts says:

    10:42 rx – box jumps killed me

  3. Rick says:

    7:36 rx

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